Need Technology
Runtime Next.js
Frontend Next.js on Vercel
Backend Azure (phasing out)
Typescript on Deno
Typescript on Vercel
Database Dolt on Dolthub
Neo4j on AuraDB
Search Lunr


SITU is an idea that came from watching people I care about hit the same wall, over and over. Studying abroad requires an extraordinary of domain knowledge and analysis, whether prospective students know it or not. They have to cross reference geography, cities, cultures, top universities, subjects and disciplines and that's just to pick a university.

Through the experience of working in this industry full time, I learned that not only is nobody helping these people, but nobody has an incentive to start. The industry is funded through commission and the majority of the industry benefits from the process being opaque and confusing.

This presents an opportunity for a product to simplify the process by starting with a clean sheet and thinking about the entire journey holistically. It's not finished, but it's already helped people find their dream university.